The business of clean cooking is evolving into a viable, sustainable industry. To highlight some of the innovations, investments, and business models driving this change, the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) is interviewing leaders of companies working across the clean cooking sector. 

Read more below, including insights from the leadership team of India's largest clean cooking company, the creators of the first commercially scalable biodigestors in South East Asia, and the CEO who led Circle Gas to make the largest private equity deal in the clean cooking sector. 

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HomeBiogas: The Circular Economy Meets Clean Cooking

HomeBiogas, an Israel-based biogas system developer, was recently listed on the Israeli stock exchange in an IPO valued at $94 million. CCA spoke with HomeBiogas CEO Oshik Efrati and Executive Chairman Boaz Schweiger.

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PayGo Energy: Striking Strategic Partnerships to Scale up Clean Cooking

PayGo is an early innovator in Pay-as-you-go smart meters for liquified petroleum gas. PayGo CEO, Nick Quintong, spoke with CCA about the future of the company and their contribution to scaling up clean cooking solutions.

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From Cookstove Designer to Leading African Manufacturing Company: An Interview with BURN Founder and CEO Peter Scott

BURN, a leading Kenya-based cookstove manufacturer, is raising $7 million of debt and equity in a Series C round to scale-up its operations. Founder and CEO Peter Scott spoke with CCA about BURN’s exciting growth prospects.

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Bringing Innovation to Biogas: An Interview with Connected Energy Managing Director Vijay Bhopal

CCA spoke with Connected Energy Managing Director Vijay Bhopal about his company's growth prospects following the close of their Seed B funding round. 

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ASAT/SSM: Turning Simple Stoves High-Tech

CCA spoke with the CEOs of Advanced Studies in Appropriate Technology Lab and the Zhejiang Huiwenmei Stove Company about their long partnership and the jointly-developed Jet-Flame, a new accessory that improves combustion in wood-burning stoves.

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Greenway Appliances: Scaling to New Markets

Co-founded by Neha Juneja (2019 Clean Cooking Alliance Woman Entrepreneur of the Year) and Ankit Mathur in 2011, Greenway Appliances has grown from a small start-up to India’s largest manufacturer of biomass cookstoves. CCA spoke with Juneja, Mathur, and recently named CEO Achal Mehra about the future of Greenway and the impacts of COVID-19 on their business. 

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Circle Gas: Clean Cooking's Largest Private Equity Deal to Date

In the second of a series of conversations with clean cooking industry leaders, CCA spoke with Volker Schultz, CEO of Circle Gas Limited, about the company's recent acquisition of KopaTech's smart meter technology that integrates pay-as-you-go options with LPG. 

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ATEC Biodigesters: From Start-up to Scale

In the first of a series of conversations with clean cooking industry leaders, CCA spoke with Ben Jeffreys, CEO of ATEC Biodigesters International, an Australian firm that produces, sells, and distributes the first commercially scalable biodigester in Southeast Asia. 

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